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The majority of the water mains are between 50 and 80 years old.
Indianola Main Street, Box 151, Indianola, MS 662-887-4454
Crowned by the undulating mesh ceiling, the main space is the first floor, which houses a quartet of reading rooms radiating around a central, open corridor and reading space, separated by plain glass partitions.
The next step up is to remove some of your stored data (typically archived files, completed projects, or backup) and place it on a separate file server attached not to your main server, but to your network.
The main school building contrasts its tail of auditorium with a head of classrooms, a radial three-storey arrangement on three levels facing from east through south to west, They open inwards onto a central hall, the clear and unmistakable heart of the school, which serves as the main communications axis and foyer to the auditorium.
The Belem cultural centre by Vittorio Gregotti consists of three main elements, reading from west to east: a museum and library; a theatre complex; and a conference centre (intended to be largely used for cultural affairs - but as usual with such places, not always so).