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Politics by Other Means: Feminism and Mainstream Science Studies.
They can also encourage collaboration between mainstream science educators and special education teachers.
Dr Sheldrake defended his decision to explore areas outside mainstream science, even if the results appeared to break the laws of physics.
Since his death, his ideas have been selectively adopted by people even further from mainstream science, among them creationists, even though Hoyle himself believed in a steady-state universe without a creator.
The Republican War on Science offers a catalog of Republican-led confrontations with mainstream science, ranging from attacks on evolution and denial of climate change to the stacking of government advisory committees with industry scientists and the blocking of federal funds for stem cell research.
Alexander (a former contributing editor for biotechnology at Wired magazine) turns his journalist's eye on the futurist subcultures of the "bioutopians" and their interactions with mainstream science over the past century, crossing over frequently blurry lines.
Some of the papers describe the past and future contributions of this research to mainstream science.
Iridology is based on the holistic theories popular in alternative medicine, but has been shunned by mainstream science.
But he insists that ``the cause of the disaster is total mainstream science, and it's everything happening in one storm that is Hollywood made up.
Pursuing analogies to mainstream science was supposed to lend newfound legitimacy and strength to religious conservatism.
In lieu of any real action towards transitioning out of fossil fuels and into new carbon-free energy technologies, the Bush administration recently established a multi-year study of climate change that will review many of the questions about the human imprint on climate already resolved by mainstream science.
Secord's study of this anomalous book may give us a good alternative perspective on more usual reading patterns, but it does leave us wanting more studies of how mainstream science was read and reproduced by "the people.