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adjective big, chief, comprehensive, considerable, crucial, decisive, distinguished, enormous, essential, extensive, extraordinary, far-reaching, fateful, goodly, grave, great, high-level, important, impressive, intense, key, large, leading, massive, matchless, material, memorable, meritorious, moderately large, momentous, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, ponderous, pressing, prime, principal, remarkable, serious, significant, sizable, sober, solemn, substantial, supreme, top, top-level, tremendous, unparalleled, vital, weighty, worthy of consideration, worthy of remark
See also: cardinal, central, critical, crucial, essential, important, indispensable, key, material, momentous, outstanding

MAJOR, persons. One who has attained his full age, and has acquired all his civil rights; one who is no longer a minor; an adult.

MAJOR. Military language. The lowest of the staff officers; a degree higher than captain.

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CUTLINE: The candlelight vigil held in memory of Maj.
About 40 percent of the active-duty Marines have bought or rented homes or apartments off the base, said Marine Maj.
I believe the union erred badly in pushing for Maj.
According to military sources, the promoted generals include ISPR spokesman, Maj.
GARDNER - Students at Elm Street School are spreading Christmas cheer around the world this year as they prepare cards and supplies to send to Maj.
During a mission in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Maj Bright and A1C Austin assumed control of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) via satellite link after the launch and recovery element (LRE) performed the takeoff.
The Active and Reserve working relationship in MTMC was addressed by the conference's guest speaker, Maj.
All of this is hands-on learning,'' said Army National Guard Maj.
Gen Ashfaq Nadeem has been appointed as Incharge Swat operation in place of General office Commanding Maj Gen Ijaz Awan.
Inland enforcement in Massachusetts "means everything that's not saltwater, and that accounts for about half of the department's 90 officers working in seven regions, from the coast west to the Berkshires," said Maj.
Maj Jefferson O'Donnell and Capt Michael Dunyak took off at night from Al Udeid AB, Qatar, leading a flight of F-15Es in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM.
There is a key difference between the agreement and the Cooperative Airlift Agreement, said Maj.