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adjective big, chief, comprehensive, considerable, crucial, decisive, distinguished, enormous, essential, extensive, extraordinary, far-reaching, fateful, goodly, grave, great, high-level, important, impressive, intense, key, large, leading, massive, matchless, material, memorable, meritorious, moderately large, momentous, notable, noteworthy, outstanding, ponderous, pressing, prime, principal, remarkable, serious, significant, sizable, sober, solemn, substantial, supreme, top, top-level, tremendous, unparalleled, vital, weighty, worthy of consideration, worthy of remark
See also: cardinal, central, critical, crucial, essential, important, indispensable, key, material, momentous, outstanding

MAJOR, persons. One who has attained his full age, and has acquired all his civil rights; one who is no longer a minor; an adult.

MAJOR. Military language. The lowest of the staff officers; a degree higher than captain.

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Maj Gulfam said, his voice thick with emotions that only a father could understand.
DIVISION 4B (SOUTHERN DIVISION) 1) Major General Samuel Dok Wanjang (Commander), 2) Maj.
But first Maj Gen Rafei had to do odd jobs at the post office, Maktoum Bridge toll booth and Dubai Airport.
A new police station is being planned near Al Maktoum Airport in Jebel Ali, Maj Gen Al Mazeina revealed.
Seniors - Elliott Crow beat C Larson (Head Fit) maj pts; Peter Martin beat A Noble (Birtley) maj points; Chris Peacock beat S Goodwin (Horsley Hill) rsc 3; Daniel Johnson beat D Smith (Perth Green) unanimous pts; Darren Fields beat L Sparrow (Newbiggin) unan pts.
While on active duty, MAJ Martinez found the time and energy to complete his undergraduate studies and, having accomplished this goal, decided he was up for the challenge of law school and the legal profession.
Maj Gen Faykes: From the perspective of developing the budget, it's maintaining the proper balance in the budget between readiness and modernization.
Zaw Min was named minister for Electric Power Ministry (1) and Maj.
CAISI is a tremendous value, in terms of less labor, reduced environmental impact of digging in wire and cost of lost wire," said MAJ Burke.
A ceremony was held in this regard at Maj Shabbir's grave in the Miani Sahib cemetery.