Major general

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MAJOR GENERAL. A military officer, commanding a division or number of regiments; the next in rank below a lieutenant general.

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DIVISION 7 1) Major General Peter Puok Koang (Commander), 2) Maj.
Accordingly, the Chair has no right to usurp authority to exclude Maj.
During the occasion, the Administrator of the Central region, Maj.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: An explosive charge, planted inside a sport bag close to the Greek Embassy in Baghdad, has been dismantled by the Iraqi Interior Ministry's Explosive Charges Experts, the Interior Ministry's Director-General for anti-Explosives Command, Maj.
General Elias Waya Nyipuocho on Monday appointed Maj.
The first gang consists of five persons involved in armed robbery and rape while the second one, consisting of four persons, was arrested on charges of involvement in armed operations with improvised explosive devices and assassinations targeting civilians and policemen in Basra," Maj.
General Omer Mohamed Ali has discussed with the UNISFA senior police adviser, Mohamed Suraji, the security situation in Abyei in the presence of the Abyei dossier official at Sudan's police, Maj.
He also said that Commander of Jazan Border Guard Maj.
Al-Sawarmi Khalid Saad, disclosed that the Commander of Heglij military operations, Maj.
News reports carried by a TV channel that fire broke out in the office of Maliki, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi armed forces, in the green zone were groundless," Maj.