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Table 1 Discharge Rates and Rate Ratios, by Major Diagnostic Category for Dually and Non-Dually Eligible Disabled Medicare Beneficiaries: California, 2001 Disabled Medicare Dually Eligible (1) Number of Discharges Major Diagnostic Category Discharges per 1,000 Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1,749 8.
Other criteria used to make these comparisons were length of stay and major diagnostic category.
Medical performance reports -- includes information on membership, demographics, costs/per member per month (PMPM) by provider type and service, total PMPM by major diagnostic category, diagnostic categories, cost-sharing summary, in-/out-patient physicians and facilities and providers, other providers, use of hospitals and facilities, paid claims by payment category, claims exceeding a financial threshold, costs by physician/provider type, total savings by provider and savings type, and network discount savings.

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