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One inmate was stabbed, apparently with a makeshift weapon, and another was injured by a blow to the face.
What makes this cannon special is the propane gas cylinder , which the rebels say provide a new kind of firepower no other makeshift weapon in the conflict had accomplished so far.
Capp showed "no remorse" as he repeatedly stabbed Darren Thomas, 45, with the makeshift weapon while he throttled him to death.
The tip of his makeshift weapon broke and left a piece of plastic in his victim's eye socket.
Ashley Charles, 25, of Nevanthon Road, Leicester, is accused of smashing the makeshift weapon into the neck of another guest at Pulse nightclub in Southwark, central London, on Tuesday night.
Berry kicked another officer, Peter Peladeau, and swung the makeshift weapon in the direction of a third, Officer Jason Cahill.
Jurors were told a black biro, covered in blood, was recovered from the prison cell and puncture marks in the plastic bag found around the victim's head were consistent with the makeshift weapon.
There were attempts to cut his neck and stomach with the makeshift weapon.
Stockdale claimed he picked the makeshift weapon up from the gutter - but it matched the sock on his other foot.
Police found the deadly makeshift weapon when they raided the home that 20-year-old Billy Young shared with his girlfriend in Earlsdon, Coventry, on May 26.
For the second time in a week, a Lane County Circuit Court judge on Monday went to Lloyd Ervin Austin's segregation unit jail cell to arraign him for allegedly possessing a makeshift weapon inside the jail.
As in the original, you arm yourself with a makeshift weapon and a radio that emits static whenever creatures are near, then venture out to unlock the many secrets that Silent Hill holds.