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It was observed that under UV illumination, Malachite green (MGO) dye absorbs radiations of desired wavelength and it was excited and giving its first excited singlet state.
Then; different three dyes including malachite green, Congo red and methyl orange at concentrations of 50 and 100 mg/L were added into the 5 days cultures and incubated at 30degC with shaking at 150 rpm continuously.
9052 for the adsorption of malachite green dye onto CR and MCR adsorbent respectively.
Prolonged exposure to drugs like nitrofurans, malachite green, and gentian violet could raise the risk of cancer," notes DeWaal.
This will result in a corresponding increase in the rate of degradation of malachite green.
Smears were prepared from all positive stool samples and stained separately with malachite green, methylene blue, crystal violet, and carbol fuchsin.
Keywords: Coconut fibre, absorption, melethylene blue dye, malachite green dye.
The smear was then rinsed in tap water, and incubated in malachite green solution for 9 sec.
Additionally, the MaxSignal[R] ELISAs for the analysis of carbendazim in juice and honey and malachite green in seafood will be introduced along with their complete portfolio of food safety products.
Yokohama city authorities ordered Yamato Foods to recall the products and contacted the police after its tests on the eels showed that they contained traces of malachite green, which can be used as an antimicrobial agent for ornamental fish but cannot be used for food stocks.