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Nonetheless, the entertainment value of malapropisms has guaranteed their frequent occurrence in both classic literature and popular culture.
Humorously confusing one word with another is a malapropism.
She finds pleasure in repeating her favorite malapropisms, but she also very carefully sets the stage for some of her new jokes, some of which are extremely elaborate collages of references taken from several different cultural areas.
The table below contains malapropisms spoken by 3- to 5-year-old patients in my office.
It relies for comic impact instead largely on Bannister's Norman Wisdom act and mindless malapropisms.
DEAR old Ethel Skinner returned to EastEnders (BBC1) with her malapropisms.
The inappropriate things she said were dubbed malapropisms.
At one level, Elbow's misuse of language as the instrument of law functions as a comic parody of Angelo's subsequent mistreatment of Isabella; more broadly, however, his specific comic weapon - his penchant for malapropisms - becomes a metonymic figure for how all legal discourse is problematized by its very confinement in language.
His long-winded disquisitions, scholarly puns, and malapropisms were spoken in a jargon of Latin jumbled with local dialect.
This book is marred by an unconscionable number of misspellings, malapropisms and inconsistencies in footnote citation.
But no simple synopsis of the action can hope to do justice to all the incidents and intricacies of Marivaux's text, which also features a greedy gardner given to malapropisms (in this splendidly playable translation by Wadsworth and Nadia Benabid) and a masked Harlequin given to weak puns ("Discretion is the better part of a valet") and an unrequited love of his own.