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For example the unfortunate use of 'toxic assets' - a malapropism if there ever was one and typical of American English - coined to conceal the simplicity and clarity of 'bad debt'.
11) Although malapropisms can be amusing, it all depends on your point of view.
A malapropism is the incorrect use of a word that is similar in sound to the one intended but has a different meaning, usually with a humorous result.
She finds pleasure in repeating her favorite malapropisms, but she also very carefully sets the stage for some of her new jokes, some of which are extremely elaborate collages of references taken from several different cultural areas.
Bush's habit for malapropisms became a sign that he had sub-par intelligence for a man in public life.
The inappropriate things she said were dubbed malapropisms.
At one level, Elbow's misuse of language as the instrument of law functions as a comic parody of Angelo's subsequent mistreatment of Isabella; more broadly, however, his specific comic weapon - his penchant for malapropisms - becomes a metonymic figure for how all legal discourse is problematized by its very confinement in language.
This book is marred by an unconscionable number of misspellings, malapropisms and inconsistencies in footnote citation.
Bush Bites - Animated shorts featuring real audio clips of the president's most public malapropisms
Bob Servant Independent, Wednesday, BBC4 "This is my Ben Nevis, my Everest, or that mountain in America where they've carved all the presidents' penises" And so Scotland's newest comedy anti-hero won me over with the first of many malapropisms.
Thus this latest show is crafted around anecdotes based on family and the home which are likely to be instantly recognisable to a large part of his audience - including how to react to inappropriate baby names, an amusing riff on the trials of early morning shopping in his local 24-hour Asda, changing nappies, sat nav challenges, his dad's disapproval and his mum's mad malapropisms.
There are plenty of laughs, but David Callister tends to get a bit carried away with his interpretation of the role of Pratt whose constant malapropisms, are at times, quite enough.