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Mr Hancock, who carries out NHS work at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and private operations at the Spire Murrayfield Hospital, Wirral, said: "Five years ago we were doing the occasional male breast reduction operation, now we do them regularly.
Male breast enlargement can be caused by a condition known as gynaecomastia, where tender breast tissue grows under the nipples due to a hormone imbalance, or can be down to weight gain.
Dr Hancock added: "The operations are successful, particularly when the issue is gynaecomastia, which causes the enlargement of the male breast tissue which is not related to weight gain.
Some researchers believe that a better understanding of male breast cancer, which occurs in the absence of factors related to menstruation and childbearing, might offer clues to the development of the disease in women.
It is interesting to note that despite its rarity in modern times, male breast cancer was recognized clinically as long as 5000 years ago.
19-21] In a retrospective review published in 1994 of 28 male breast cancer patients, 75% of the patients presented with early stage disease, and the mean duration of symptoms was 3.
Cancer of the male breast typically is in the form of a small, solid mass with well-defined contours, generally located eccentrically in relationship to the nipple.
18] Table 1 lists the common presenting signs and symptoms of male breast cancer.
Like female breast cancer, male breast cancer often is related to estrogen hormonal levels.
4) Alcohol abuse and liver disease are also associated with increased risk for male breast cancer.
While breast cancer in women is often detected before a palpable mass is noticeable during a breast-screening mammogram, radiographic screening is not in place for men due to the rarity of male breast cancer.
5% of invasive male breast cancers are invasive lobular carcinoma versus 11.