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MALEDICTION, Eccl. law. A curse which was anciently annexed to donations of lands made to churches and religious houses, against those who should violate their rights.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Readers therefore may infer that the word malediction might be related to the Old Solar word for God, Maleldil--that the prefix mal that has come to mean evil or bad in a fallen world is akin to good or blessed in the original language of the solar system.
31, 2014 to predict how the centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide would take place and how the malediction of our century-old failure to face the facts would continue.
MATTHEW: Drums Azarath--Blasphemers' Malediction: Their most recent one but all of their stuff is excellent.
These are paintings which have the power to draw you in, to move and unsettle you and as Lucie-Smith comments: "Most people know the much-quoted Chinese malediction: 'May you live in interesting times'.
If someone makes a malediction, what have they done?
LUGAL [I]h'U K[U.sub.6] SILA4=ya gipandanzi [much less than]On fait le rite sacrificiel zurki du dupgahi- de la malediction devant le fieuve, on fait le sacrifice avec un Poisson et un agneau pour les objets de la reineo Cette sequence rituelle est suivie d'une incantation reclamant la neutralisation du mal qui pourrait etre responsable de 1' impurete du cotrunanciitaire du rituel: la [much less than]mauvaise paroleo, la malediction, le parjure (pour redition du texte, voir R.
La Mort, cette Fee blanche--devenue, dans l'imaginaire populaire, la vielle dame, en apparence, victime de la mechancete, de la ruse et de la stupidite des mortels, qui veulent devenir immortels sans connaitre la malediction de l'immortalite--est donc une divinite primordiale dans la religion paysanne.
It was an agonising way to lose, but it was not the only anguish the Eagles suffered during a nightmare end to the 2012/13 season that must have left some wondering whether Guttmann's malediction had now stretched to cover all competitions.
Music will be provided by DJ Amanda Jones, known for spinning Alternative music in many of Hollywood's premiere nightclubs, including residencies at Bar Sinister, Das Bunker, Malediction Society, and The Church Dallas.