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He earned the reputations as Disney's "ladies' man" because of his complex drawings of female character creations that included Alice, Briar Rose, Maleficient and Cruella De Vil.
24) Dee's contact with the angels, therefore, is far different from other sixteenth-century attempts to invoke or control simple spirits, either good or maleficient, through binding spells or magic circles, since it appears to be facilitated not solely by the power of the natural philosopher, but also by the ability of the crystal to concentrate the angelic light.
Novaira Masood, a Pakistani animator, acts in some of the most popular Hollywood movies, including Maleficient, A Christmas Carol, Thor, Transformers 3 and Jack the Giant Slayer.
Vicki is well known for her fantastic cake creations including a sloth cake made from Shredded Wheat, a colony of penguins and a talking Maleficient cake, scooping numerous awards along the way.
Supreme champion with judge Mr Stewart Franklin of the Sarum Stud was Ceri Fell's black section C colt foal Brynseion Lord Mayday, a full-brother to the yearling filly Brynseion Lady Maleficient with which Mrs Fell won her class from 21 entries at Lampeter earlier this year.
The 38-year-old - who has been working on Disney fantasy thriller Maleficient - was ahead of this year's best actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, who picked up PS17million.
Unfortunately, as scrumptious as her creations seem - they include a tiger cub, a meerkat and a talking bust of Disney's Maleficient - they are rarely eaten.
Brangelina, in the capital while Angie films new movie Maleficient, are roping in their A-list chums for the July 25 extravaganza at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.