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MALEFICIUM, civil law. Waste, damage, torts, injury. Dig. 5, 18, 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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21-22): either through the witch's maleficium or Hannibal's terrorizing infantry, ferce English dogs turn into yelping curs.
And how did the social and material conditions that hypothetically predicated concrete acts of maleficium relate to these individuals' moral self-construction?
According to Hansen, a "witch" became someone who not only practiced maleficium (or magic used for harmful ends), but also made a pact with the devil, attended nocturnal Sabbaths, and was capable of flight.
If a woman has destroyed someone's offspring by her maleficium, she should do penance for half a year with an allowance of bread and water, and abstain from wine and from meat for two years and [fast] for six Lents with bread and water.
Segun Rufino, el matrimonium initiatum puede ser disuelto por las siguientes causas (66): 1) tras un segundo matrimonio consumado, 2) tras una relacion sexual libremente consentida con otra persona, 3) por rapto, 4) por impotencia (maleficium), 5) por entrada en religion, 6) por delito gravisimo (67), 7) por enfermedad permanente y 8) por cautividad duradera (68).
(21) Furthermore, most of those accused of maleficium in Scotland were middle-aged females, implicated by their neigh-bours (usually their social equals) after some sort of inter-personal conflict, followed by an otherwise inexplicable misfortune.