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When they did this, the malignant cells returned to their disorganized, cancerous appearance, negating the effects of compression and demonstrating the importance of cell-to-cell communication in organized structure formation.
In a neat twist, the Brown-led team used a pH-sensitive covalent bond to connect the gold nanoparticle with the cisplatin to ensure that the drug was not released into the body but remained attached to the nanoparticle until it was time for it to be released into the malignant cell.
To encourage those cells to zero in on the malignant cells, they concocted a cocktail of the harvested dendritic cells and appropriate tumor peptides.
The blood vessels surrounding a tumor also provide malignant cells with a path to the bloodstream.
The instructions included a brief description regarding the importance of accurate determination of the percentage, and participating laboratories were asked to identify who was responsible for determining the percentage of malignant cells and the method used for achieving that number.
Although the function of L6 is unknown, it is believed it could control the spread of the malignant cells.
Insulin-like growth factor I, or IGF-I for short, is a hormone that appears to promote the growth of both normal and malignant cells in the breast.
Tumor growth decreased and the spread of malignant cells was slowed.
The nanoparticles are coated in a sugar-like substance to attract even the most remote malignant cells.