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euro]e ball can be struck with the mallet or any part of a player's body ORSEGWAY but may only be directed using the mallet.
Find out what would happen in a skirmish with one side armed with baseball bats and the other croquet mallets.
Unlike golf, however, a standard course consists of 10 par-three to -five holes; a single multi-use rubber-headed mallet replaces golf's set of clubs; and the balls are slightly larger than baseballs.
Over the past 53 years, the company has grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of drumsticks, mallets and percussion accessories.
The yang-qin is a dulcimer that is played with a pair of bamboo mallets.
Throughout the dance, percussionist Jean Copeland performs on Tibetan bowls, making gonglike sounds with small mallets and creating a mystical aural backdrop as she moves unseen around the outside of the inuslin circle.
Decked out n Diesel shoes and clingy hot pink shirts, Thailand's "ladyboys" grab their mallets, clamber on the backs of their animals, and ready themselves for a ferocious game of polo.
Before starting manufacture, the architects tested the proposed materials extensively against damage from impact and vandalism with knives, cigarettes, mallets and other vicious devices.
Coroner Maureen Taylor, who questioned if Rogowski had tried to kill himself, recorded verdicts of unlawful killing on the Mallets and an open verdict on Rogowski.
PUPILS at a North Wales School have been given a taste of croquet after mini mallets were bought specially for them.
He also asks the players to strike their mallets together, thus turning the mallets themselves into an additional sound source.