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The cheating came to light as investigators were trying to get information on an alleged illicit drug possession by some officers at other bases and at Malstrom.
Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malstrom contacted the Norwegian authorities, and in particular Justice Minister Knut Storberget, to offer Oslo the assistance of her services and of Europol.
Kodiak Malstrom and Matt Gillian won the net title with a 60, two shots ahead of Ryan Larsen and Eddie Flores.
This phenomenon is known as the Mosken Maelstrom, a word derived from the Norwegian malstrom (= eddy/whirlpool).
Im Malstrom Des Lebens Versunken: Elfriede Lohse-Wachtler, 1899-1940, Leben und Werk.
This contention is consistent with the findings of a study by DuCote and Malstrom (1999) that established relationship among personnel scheduling, materials requirement planning, and capacity requirement planning in developing software to manage the personnel in manufacturing systems.
1999) obtuvieron el depsido guisinol con actividad antibacteriana a partir del hongo Emericela unguis; Malstrom et al.
Douglas and Brooke Malstrom acquired the house from Chenal Valley Construction, led by Jim Miles.
000 metros; mar tormentoso, donde se forman imponentes remolinos como el celebre de Malstrom, junto al archipielago de Lofoten.
Klapproth JM, Scaletsky IC, McNamara BP, Lai LC, Malstrom C, James SP, et al.
Linus Karlsson and Paul Malstrom, now partners at Mother in New York City, will be working on the Milwaukee's Best account.
Y por el otro lado tu respuesta suena como si ni los esfuerzos mas energicos bastarian para "salvar" a la literatura y la lectura frente al malstrom de los tiempos que corren.