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The researchers call their findings a proof of concept for the broader idea that new neurons can integrate specifically to modify complex circuits that are defective in a mammalian brain.
While tryptophan is needed to generate red pigment, Odenwald and Zhang point out that it can play another role as a precursor of serotonin, a chemical essential to the transmission of messages in the mammalian brain.
Conventional wisdowm, Werbos says, holds that information flows forward from cell to cell in the mammalian brain, but does not retrace its steps in the back propagation manner.
In fact, hypoxic stress enhances serotonin and neuropeptide production in specific regions of the mammalian brain, however, the functional output of this is poorly understood.
Why there are receptor sites for the poppy-derived drug morphine in the mammalian brain has been a mystery since their discovery more than a decade ago.
The mammalian brain can apparently cope with the extra demands placed on it whether the eyes are at the front, side or almost at the back of the head," he said.
He says that in the past five years, scientists have found receptors for eicosanoids on the surface of mammalian brain cells, and that there is an increased release of the metabolites during epileptic seizures.
Lead researcher Kai Zinn, professor of biology at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), suggests that the two groups of neurons have the ability to sense and manipulate the fly's fat stores in much the same way, as do neurons in the mammalian brain.
Abbott notes that the Janzer-Raff discovery does not answer all the questions: For instance, in some non-mammalian brains and in certain areas of the mammalian brain, the barrier is not always at the endothelial layer.
Washington, July 7 (ANI): University of Washington researchers claim that they have for the first time located the neurons responsible for fear conditioning in the mammalian brain.
The work demonstrates, for the first time, that the mammalian brain can form a map of its surroundings based solely on smells.
Emerging mechanisms underlying astrogenesis in the developing mammalian brain Jun TAKOUDA, Sayako KATADA and Kinichi NAKASHIMA Communicated by Shigetada NAKANISHI, M.