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BLOT ON THE LANDSCAPE The Stobswood site could be redeveloped into a huge mound, man-made lake, woodland and paths.
Hay's home, boathouse and man-made lake will remain just the way they were in 1915 when the real estate developer was getting rich selling off chunks of Encino at community barbecues.
Paula and Chris Wahla were walking along the waterline of the man-made lake in Valencia when the duck they often saw appeared aloof, ignoring their tempting snacks.
Their destination will be the village of Shia, in Ghana, near the world's largest man-made lake, Volta, where they will teach schoolchildren.
Many residents expressed their wholehearted support for the project, citing its 2,121-acre wildlife preserve, nature trails and a man-made lake.
Situated on a 220-acre man-made lake, "WaterWalk's" building and landscaping architecture will provide visitors with an escape from the desert in a resort-like setting.
Three hours into their search in the secluded man-made lake, police divers recovered his body.
The man-made lake, popular for swimming, boating and fishing, is part of the State Water Project, which supplies water from Northern California to the thirsty southern half of the state.
Also embellishing the five acres of open spaces will be one-of-a-kind European bronze sculptures, a man-made lake with fountains and climbing turtles for the children's play area.
Currently there are around 40 swans on the man-made lake.
With 16 years left on a 50-year contract to operate the lake, Los Angeles County, citing California's budget crisis, wants to hand the responsibility over to the state, which owns the 30-year-old, man-made lake encased in 34 miles of shoreline.