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MANDATARY, contracts. One who undertakes to perform a mandate. Jones' Bailm. 53; Story on Bailm. 38. Dr. Halifax calls him mandatee. Halif. Anal. Civ. Law, 70, Sec. 16, 17.
     2. It is the duty of a mere mandatory, it is said, to take ordinary care of the property entrusted to him. Vide Negligence. But it has been held that he is liable only for gross negligence. 14 S. & R. 275; 2 Hawks, R. 145; 2 Murph. R. 373; 3 Dana, R. 205; 3 Mason, R. 132; 11 Wend, R. 25; Wright, R. 598; 1 Bouv. 1st. n. 1073.

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Essentially revocable in private law, this type of mandate automatically presupposes that the mandator can decide cessation of legal relations of mandate with the mandatary at any time, ad nutum, in view of the fact that their interests are not well secured.
As regards the loans contracted or guaranteed by the state, in case the money is insufficient to cover the payments fallen due completely, all the responsibility assumed by the mandatary agents cease, the bonds being simultaneously taken over by the Public Finance Ministry.
In the early stages of the public sphere's formation, the new cultural role of art critic was thus, according to Habermas, "a peculiarly dialectical" one in view of the requirement that he serve "at the same time as the public's mandatary and as its educator" (ibid.