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MANDATOR, contracts. The person employing another to perform a mandate. Story on Bailm. Sec. 138; 1 Brown, Civ. Law, 382; Halif. Anal. Civ. Law, 70.

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will launch a friendly tender offer for all the shares in Swedish information technology consultancy firm Mandator AB.
European IT services group Fujitsu Services, part of Fujitsu Group, announced on Monday (8 October) an offer for all shares of the Swedish IT group Mandator AB.
5% of the shares in the new company and Mandator shareholders owning 51.
Mandator has positioned itself for the post-Y2K world.
Yet, under the First Amendment, moral suasion is the only tool available to the mandator of balance.
If the creditors are in a semicooperative game, the justification for mandator solutions may not apply.
Ideally, the results of the survey will influence Congress, as the mandator of recycling targets, to recognize and include foundry waste sand as a material with beneficial, constructive uses rather than as an occupier of scarce, costly space in the nation's landfills.
b) It is mandator % for the contractor to get him them self registered with C.
2012), the mandate represents the contract by means of which a party called mandatary undertakes conclusion of one or several legal acts on account of the other party called mandator.
Previously he was chairman of the board at Clock Provobis AB, Mandator AB, Morphic AB and Enea AB.
I t should be considered a mandator y activity in all post-graduate training programmes.
Justice Bissonnette distinguished between an "organisme executif et administratif" and one "essentiellement commercial", such as the Quebec Liquor Commission, whose discretion he held to be as absolute as that of an employer over his employee or a mandator over his mandatory.