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The Cabinet of Ministers endorsed the action plan for switching to professional military service on May 17, 2005; with the NAF liquidating mandatory military service on January 1, 2007.
Due to that country's mandatory military service law, Chandrasekar found himself enlisted and without a clear direction of what to do with his life following his stint in the army.
Alarmed by falling conscription and mounting security concerns, Israeli leaders are moving to stigmatize entertainers and other celebrity role models who have failed to complete mandatory military service.
Talk like that makes me think salsa training should be required of every citizen, much like mandatory military service is in other countries.
Roughly 250 people live in the village, While the men are exempt from mandatory military service in the ROK.
Agca, who had dodged the draft in the 1970s, then went for a routine check-up at a military hospital, where he was being screened to see if he was fit for mandatory military service.
In Bulgaria, all males perform one year of mandatory military service, which includes forty-five days of training in an environment similar to boot camp, said Behar.
Peasants paid 40 percent of their income in tax and were obligated to mandatory military service.
There are many conscientious objectors in Germany, where men aged 18 or older are obliged to serve in the army for 10 months under the mandatory military service law.
Park, South Korea's most successful export to the United States, was exempted from his mandatory military service after leading South Korea to a gold medal in baseball at the 1998 Asian Games.
REASON: In Letters to a Young Contrarian, you talk about how it was libertarians--specifically Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan--who did the most to end the draft by persuading President Nixon's special commission on the matter that mandatory military service represented a form of slavery.
In May, the United Nations adopted an agreement barring children under 18 from combat or mandatory military service.

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