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MANDANT. The principal in the contract of mandate is so called. Story, Ag. Sec. 337.

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Capitalism as a global economic system may have worked in the 1900s, but to continue with it now is "calamitous," Mander writes.
Harsh Mander was part of a campaign to save Afzal Guru, the man convicted for the 2001 Indian Parliament attack.
Asserting that hunger cannot be fought by industrial growth or even charity, in Belly, Mander makes a pitch for a comprehensive food security Bill to make food an entitlement.
Just how well Green or Caird and the rest understood Kant is a question Mander need not consider, noting instead how their interpretations created an openness to Hegelian and related correctives.
Mander hopes to rectify this unfortunate situation by introducing us to Norris' philosophical thought.
The process to reach this well-known rate of 15% was dubious and Mander challenges the role of the World Health Organization as, appearing to be maintaining world medicalisation rather than safeguarding world health.
Orenstein shows that van Mander mixed fact, fiction, and current artistic topoi when describing Bruegel.
Mander, a research assistant at the University of Chicago.
So I sat down with two new anthologies on the subject, Corporations Are Gonna Get Your Mama, edited by Kevin Danaher (Common Courage) and The Case Against the Global Economy, edited by Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith (Sierra Club Books).
WOLVERHAMPTON'S Mander Centre is in line for a multi-million pound refurbishment after UK private equity real estate fund manager Benson Elliot completed its purchase from Mander Investments Ltd.
DEAR Editor, For 46 years Barbara Hepworth's fine bronze Rock Form (Porthcurno) has stood in the Mander Centre shopping precinct in Wolverhampton.
Housing Minister Tim Mander said Daggy Jumper Day was an initiative of Brisbane Youth Service and raised funds to help homeless and vulnerable young people in Brisbane.