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Following consultations with Catholic health professionals, Pocock and Mandin presented a brief on behalf of the CHCS where they outlined their concerns for the maintenance and expansion of the diagnostic, curative and preventative services of the Catholic hospitals under hospitalization.
On a day when the temperature neared freezing, Ron Cousins and his French match partner Richard Mandin finished in third place; but all they needed was a combined catch of 500gm of small roach.
Mandin on his excellent contributions as general manager and looks forward to his future contributions as Chief Operating Officer.
V), and also the 77,000 acres of 100% owned claims of ESO, in the Cluff Lake area; - The 100% owned Hook and Mandin properties in the south central part of the Basin include nearly 192,000 acres covering northern extensions of geological, geochemical and geophysical targets on the Areva, Cameco, UEM Inc and Purepoint Uranium Group (PTU: TSX.
Illness intrusiveness was measured with the 12-item Illness Intrusiveness Rating Scale (IIRS) (Devins, Hunsley, Mandin, Taub, & Paul, 1998).
Lacoste E, Chaumont JP, Mandin D, Plumel MM, Matos FJ (1996) Antiseptic properties of essential oil of Lippia sidoides Chain.
FM Limut B,C,D 194 367 Bogor Rukam D 195 Mandin D 196 115,309,431 Leiden Perkeras, Empalinas B,Ci 197 Perkeras bukit E 198 088 FM Cugut (B),D 199 WG, Polak Rotan tikus D,E 200 Ross ?
At the Hook and Mandin Projects exploration is planned to evaluate the potential of these properties for Athabasca unconformity uranium deposits.
The South team also has Sutherlin's Sonny Jones and Josh Mandin, Douglas' Kenny McCullers and Matt Shaver and Glide's Brandt Peterson.
Josh Mandin followed with a grounder that hopped over the head of Gaulton at third base and into left field to score Justin Parnell and pull the Bulldogs to within a run.
SUTHERLIN (63) - Parnell 22, Bailey 12, Drake 8, Reed 6, Cooper 5, Osborne 4, Summers 2, Waeferd 2, Mandin 2, Flotron, Wilder.
CREW: P Goss--Skipper (1), Peter Moran--Navigator (2), M Goss--Navigator, M Bell (9), P Mandin (3), Peter Goss