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MANHOOD. The ceremony of doing homage by the vassal to his lord was denominated homagium or manhood, by the feudists. The formula used was devenio vester homo, I become you Com. 54. See Homage.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Invercauld manhood stone was unearthed in the undergrowth in a corner of the Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park, the venue for the annual Braemar Gathering which takes place this year on September 7.
BEIRUT: Akkar MP Walid Baarini said Monday that he had not meant to hint at sexual intercourse when he invited a senior female employee at Al Jadeed news channel to "try my manhood." In a clip of a news conference he held Sunday that was widely circulated online, Baarini said, "Unfortunately, there is a media personality talking about manhood.
Both David Greven in Men Beyond Desire: Manhood, Sex, and Violation in American Literature and Cindy Weinstein in Family, Kinship, and Sympathy in Nineteenth-Century American Literature rethink conventional narratives of affective bonds.
Part of the "New Perspectives on the History of the South" series, Black Manhood and Community Building in North Carolina 1900-1930 is a close look at the role of black men in resisting racial oppression in North Carolina during the beginning of the twentieth century--a time notorious for use of poll taxes, literacy tests, and the grandfather clause to deny black men the right to vote, as well as segregationist Jim Crow laws.
Beyond the cultural values of manhood, Glover also shows the importance placed upon performing the role of a southern man.
Berrigan's 1970 collection of essays, No Bars to Manhood, sums up his life journey and the journey of the postmodern Catholic Christian disciple.
Confronting notions of the South as an "embarrassment in the African-American context," Corner University professor and native Southerner Riche Richardson suggests that the region's "abject" status in the nation's history has had a profound impact on how "authentic" black manhood is constituted in the United States (2).
Punting high Ante-post dabbling and several place lays meant the Derby went as well as it could have without backing the winner Punting low Assuming Conduit was too skinny and laying accordingly Relishing Joining the cream of northern manhood on a stag do at York tomorrow Dreading being asked "what's that Lydia Hislop like?" by a small yet vocal percentage of said manhood Quote of the week "I'd love to see one of these blokes get off their own dunghill and come down to Australia to compete with us." That man Moody issues a colourful invitation to messrs Noseda, Morrison and Johnston
That study is, of course, informed by a series of impressively sophisticated accounts of the meanings, ideals and representations of manhood, among them Michael Kimmel's Manhood in America (2006).
"Tracking," the final story, follows the life of a boy in northern Michigan after WW II through adolescence, manhood and old age.