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There may even have been a Mansio - the Roman equivalent of a Travelodge - but HDAS have not found it, yet.
Arts Council England has awarded PS187,144 from its strategic touring programme to Hexham Book Festival and Hexham-based Arts & Heritage for a literary project called The Mansio.
Pontypridd MP is both a He w mansio footbal from Campb icy, Mr the exte adding "zero s like you The orse and a warhorse who has d one of Mr Miliband's most lieutenants.
V mansio Beach, M auction ope PS16A t hf Auctioneers hope the murdered fashion designer's pad will attract exclusive buyers.
50 million daily from loading of coal at Wazir Mansio and now the loading capacity of coal at groyene yard has almost doubled and income from here is now anticipated at Rs 70 million per month keeping all untoward situations in mind.
But when Bede wrote, accurately, that Cuthbert's Great Farne hermitage -- a model among hermitages -- held several domus within one mansio, he did so because he knew no other specific term like Old Irish cell for such an establishment, regardless that Bede must have been thinking of John 14.