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Efficacy of manual lymphatic drainage and intermittent pneumatic compression pump use in the treatment of lymphedema after mastectomy: a randomized controlled trial.
Conservative methods of lymphedema comprising pressure garments, bandaging, manual lymphatic drainage, and pneumatic compression devices represent examples of positive pressure therapy and technology.
Manual lymphatic drainage is a specific massage technique which can only be done by a lymphoedemaqualified therapist.
(1,4) The approach involves manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression therapy (bandaging and/or garments), skin care and remedial exercises.
In the acute phase, manual lymphatic drainage, compression, exercise, and skin care are used.
Manual lymphatic drainage compared with simple lymphatic drainage in the treatment of post-mastectomy lymphoedema: a pilot randomised trial.
BABTAC's Jenny Martin also recommends drinking plenty of water to flush out your system, plus regular facials - which Cameron also subscribes to - and a course of manual lymphatic drainage.
The most effective treatment, manual lymphatic drainage (a technique developed in Austria by Dr.
The 5'9"-stunner's personal favorite therapy from the spa is the Manual Lymphatic Drainage, which gently massages the lymph system that helps in removing toxins, keeping the immune system strong and ready to take on any physical challenges.
The effectiveness of manual lymphatic drainage and low level laser in the treatment of a client with lipedema: an N-of-1 trial
The patient was treated with CDT, which consisted of patient education, manual lymphatic drainage (self-massage, compression therapy with a short stretch bandage for 23 h per day), exercise, and skin care in the intensive phase.

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