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MANUMISSION, contracts. The agreement by which the owner or master of a slave sets him free and at liberty; the written instrument which contains this agreement is also called a manumission.
     2. In the civil law it was different from emancipation, which, properly speaking, was applied to the liberation of children from paternal power. Inst. liv. 1, t. 5 & 12; Co. Litt. 137, a; Dane's Ab. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I only experienced Ibiza Town while doing Manumission parade work, striding the streets dressed in my red choirgirl robes ahead of the night at nearby superclub Privilege.
He examines the manumission policy adopted by the British Agencies in the region and assesses the impact of the policies in Arabian societies.
The history we are about to unveil is thus one of manumission, "self-rescue", and freedman agency.
Therefore, in 1809 the Maryland legislature ruled that if the status of a woman's unborn child was not decided at the time when the manumission document for the mother arrived at court, "then the state and condition of such issue shall be that of a slave." (19) Fixing the status of the child ensured that slaveholders could reward enslaved women with freedom and still maintain the growth of their enslaved workforce.
On your doorstep are many of the famous Ibiza nightclubs including Manumission, Space, Es Paradis and Cream.
From their manumission on 15 September 1814, to the abolition of slavery in Jamaica on 1 August 1834, the Clemetsons wheeled and dealed and got rich and powerful.
While Themudo's powers as Pai dos Christaos may have been curtailed as a result of the Junta of 1677-8, he continued to play a notable role in the day to day functions of the empire including the manumission of convert slaves.
In Maryland and Delaware "apprenticeship" had been used in conjunction with widespread voluntary manumission in the 1790s and early 1800s as a device to retain social control of young African Americans, and before the Civil War poor free black parents in the South often had their children bound without consent.
Each show will, of course, have a very special Manumission twist.
Firstly, Kea, like others, focuses on the omission of an explicit plea for manumission where I place emphasis on what is explicit.
"Slavery records, manumission documents, church records, Mason records, World War I, Civil Rights, World War II ...