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Several NGOs were in the midst of training a new wave of mappers when the new law was announced.
The mapper also makes notes to further describe what is occurring in the care setting.
Uwe Appelt, PhD, adds "PacBio is popular for de novo projects, as its long reads are ideal for scaffolding and currently BWA is considered the best open source read mapper for PacBio data.
Key features of Hypermapper include its flexible STS-1 input cross-connect, 336 T1-J1/ 252 E1 framers, 12 M13 muxes, 336/252 VT/TU mappers, 24 SPE/AU-3 mappers and 24 DS3/E3 ports for mapping up to 24 DS3/E3s into STS1/TUG3s.
The VSC8492 and VSC8494 mappers were designed with flexible network use in mind.
The TEMUX 32 integrates 32 T1/E1 framers, a DS3/E3 framer, an M13 multiplexer and a VT/TU mapper in a single device, featuring:
All VersaCAT EoS mappers are pin- and software-compatible, maximizing re-use and speeding new product introduction.
Highest Density Mappers at OC-48 and OC-192 Offer Enhanced Functionality for Efficiently and Cost-Effectively Transporting Data Services
Vitesse offers this functionality in its well-defined OC-48 and OC-192-channelized mappers, as well as in Campbell-I, its client-side 10 GbE MAC.
These include the EtherMap family of highly integrated OC-3 to OC-48 EoS mappers, the Envoy family of versatile Ethernet controllers which seamlessly interface with Intel's IPX series of network processors, and the flexible PHAST family of SONET/SDH framers and overhead terminators.
The S19235 and S19237 interface seamlessly with a variety of AMCC's best-in-class OC-192 framers, mappers and Forward Error Correction (FEC) devices, provide customers with outstanding solutions that reach new levels of performance and functionality, and offer significant savings in power and real-estate.