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Mappers are integrated circuits (ICs) that prepare data from analog phone lines for transmission through higher-speed digital optical networks.
There was no community mapping in Sarawak when the Borneo Project began training mappers seven years ago.
Power consumption is less than 2 watts/port, which offers over 50% power savings over low-density Gigabit Ethernet solutions that use discrete SERDES, Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controllers (MAC), SONET mapper and FPGA devices.
Each mapper watches up to five individuals for six continuous hours.
CLC bio's new read mapper scales extremely well with multi-processor machines, enabling up to 35-fold decrease in time to finish a read mapping, and delivers the highest accuracy in almost all the benchmarks.
These Vitesse 10GE OTN mappers enable service providers to accelerate the convergence of both packet and TDM services by supporting 10GE Universal PHY Interfaces (UPI), including 10GE LAN/WAN, SAN, SONET/SDH and OTN.
The TEMUX 32 integrates 32 T1/E1 framers, a DS3/E3 framer, an M13 multiplexer and a VT/TU mapper in a single device, featuring:
Mindspeed's broad offering of DS3/E3 products include discrete line interface units (LIUs), framers and mappers, as well as integrated LIU/framer/mapper "line card-on-a-chip" (LoC) solutions.
EtherPHAST-24 complements TranSwitch's EtherPHAST-48 Plus full rate OC-48 EoS/SAN framer-mapper, and the EtherMap-12 and EtherMap-3 Pt lower rate OC-12 and OC-3 EoS mappers.
Vitesse is the only company offering both low- and high-order virtual concatenation mappers at 10 Gbps.
Coverage Includes Electronic Transceivers, SERDES, PHYs, PMDs, MACs, Electronic mux /demux, TIAs, LAs, CDRs, Framers and Mappers, ATM chips
Highest Density Mappers at OC-48 and OC-192 Offer Enhanced Functionality for Efficiently and Cost-Effectively Transporting Data Services