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MARCHES, Eng. law. This word signifies the limits, or confines, or borders. Bac. Law Tracts, tit. Jurisdiction of the. Marches, p. 246. It was applied to the limits between England and Wales or Scotland. In Scotland the term marches is applied to the boundaries between private properties.

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THERE is little doubt the Tibetans view the Chinese in much the same way the Welsh did the Normans/English under Edward I or the murderous, land-grabbing Marcher Lords.
The Battle of Hastings was fought for the crown of England, but William the Conqueror subsequently allowed his Marcher lords to take on divided Cymric princedoms in smaller wars.
She married Ralph de Mortimer in 1230: the Mortimers were the Marcher Lords who became firstly the Earls of March and thence the Dukes of York.
Davis begins by summarising the chronology of castle buildings in Wales, starting with those constructed by the Norman Marcher Lords to stamp their authority on a newly invaded countryside.
Outside Gwynedd, it could be argued that some of the Marcher Lords in the rest of Wales saw themselves as being part of the wider community.
Beaumont's new castle, the administrative seat of the Marcher Lords of Gower, was a medieval powerhouse.
It's likely that conflict with the English gave an extra edge to what today may sound like incitements to racial hatred: according to Gerald of Wales and others, they were widespread when the Welsh fought successfully against the crown and the marcher lords in the 12th century.
When Gerald was writing the Lord Rhys and his sons were seizing castles and lands from the English crown and marcher lords across a broad swathe of south Wales.