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MARCHES, Eng. law. This word signifies the limits, or confines, or borders. Bac. Law Tracts, tit. Jurisdiction of the. Marches, p. 246. It was applied to the limits between England and Wales or Scotland. In Scotland the term marches is applied to the boundaries between private properties.

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But other observers say more marches could create even further division between both sides of the red-hot immigration debate.
Given that turnouts at annual marches in Miami such as the Martin Luther King march have dwindled after police turned violent in previous years, caution and dialogue became priorities for Root Cause.
marches and will perhaps take her two young children with her.
Past marches have been the birthplace of gay organizations
I think the previous marches have done great things," says Hardy-Garcia, who has taken a leave from the Lesbian/Gay Rights Lobby of Texas to work on the march.
They also will be there this weekend as she reads a speech for them at the WalkAmerica marches.