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In the High Court, a judge ruled that Deutsche Bank was not in breach of contract and that Sebastian Holdings would have to pay the financial [pounds sterling]146m (E174m, $235m) in compensation for unpaid margin calls from 2008 to the group.
Margin Calls, Credit Downgrades and a Run on the Bank
one of the major problems of selling options is the position can deteriorate very rapidly and margin calls can come thick and fast.
The financers, including non- banking finance companies ( NBFCs) and stock brokers who arrange funds for promoters, offloaded huge volume of pledged stocks due to a margin call sending share prices down, market analysts said.
BAD GIRL: Charlize Theron in Young Adult LONG DARK NIGHT: Kevin Spacey in Margin Call
With so many players in the space, sellers who see theatrical and on-demand potential for their fare will be on the lookout in Park City for a "Margin Call"-type deal that bizzers now routinely reference as the poster child for a day-and-date multiplatform release.
Given the subject matter, Margin Call could easily have become a dull tale of financial jargon.
"Margin Call' is not a history or economics lesson.
Margin Call hits US cinemas on October 21 and is expected to coincide with the current Wall Street protests.
'Given the growth and complexity of the derivatives collateral management process, it is imperative we provide clients with a clear, real-time window into reviewing and approving their collateral agreements, margin calls and settlements.
"Margin Call" is one of 16 international contenders vying for the Golden Bear, which a jury led by Italian-American actress and director Isabella Rossellini will present on February 19.
The equity of banks is like the collateral in a margin call. What we need to do is to devise a system that makes this margin call timely.