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His suggestion that Labour should cosy up to people who own their homes, work in the service sector and do not receive state benefits has angered many people in his marginal constituency.
He said Hemel Hempstead Hospital in his marginal constituency is being closed, and services are being moved to Watford - held by Labour junior whip Claire Ward with a majority of just over 1,000.
The group were caught removing 20 Liberal Democrat placards from lamp-posts in the key marginal constituency of Edinburgh South.
The second is that, unless you live in a marginal constituency, New Labour seems to regard your vote as a given.
Explaining his Conservative colleague's absence, Lang said Forsyth was busy working in his marginal constituency.
The political 'Prince of Darkness' swooped into Birmingham's most marginal constituency in a bid to bolster Labour Party support - and was immediately placed on telephone canvassing duty.
If we value fairness in elections, the level of funding the Conservatives have devoted to winning this marginal constituency should concern us.
Esther McVey has already been selected in a fast-track process to fight for the key marginal constituency.
Political considerations will ensure that unless the proposal is in a marginal constituency, it will be nodded through.
Ms Hewitt was visiting the marginal constituency of Redditch in Worcestershire, where Labour candidate Jacqui Smith, a Trade Minister, is fighting to hang on to her seat.

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