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Overall, the research showed a stronger connection between persistent marijuana abuse and mental health issues; and between a delayed habit and more external factors.
In a multivariate analysis adjusted for these and other potential confounders, marijuana abuse remained independently associated with a 1.
Specifically, given collegiate students' previously established moral justification surrounding psychostimulant abuse, we posited that the relationship between religious coping and spirituality elements would not be as pronounced with regard to psychostimulant abuse relative to alcohol and marijuana abuse.
These results may be due to the relatively low number of respondents meeting the criteria for marijuana abuse and dependence while simultaneously using these substances (see Table 2).
Physicians should include drug abuse history, including the duration of the abuse, keeping in mind the average time of presentation was 19 years of continued marijuana abuse.
Treatment for marijuana abuse in the younger patient population poses some significant and unique challenges for professionals.
UK Sport's progress report from quarter one has revealed that there will be no further action against one footballer who tested positive for anabolic steroids, while two cases of marijuana abuse have resulted in suspensions until January 2004.
According to published reports, Odom voluntarily joined the league's program for marijuana abuse when he entered the league in the 1999-00 season.
Although marijuana abuse is a serious concern, it should be not be confused with exploration of the possible therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids.
Twenty-five percent of all job applicants have a history of marijuana abuse and about 10% use other illegal drugs.
Marijuana abuse hits hardest those teenagers who do poorly in school, Schwartz says.
It doesn't help that the only supply of marijuana available for researchers is overseen by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), which because of its mandate appears more inclined to support studies focusing on marijuana abuse and addiction than its therapeutic features.