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A table illustrating marine traffic through the Suez Canal during 12-18 September (cargo in million tonnes):
Increasing world trade and growing marine traffic are considered as a major aspect leading to the transformation marine transport.
Global interest in the Arctic is rising, along with a focus on Arctic marine traffic and resources.
About 30 minutes after the Sewol began tilting, a crew member asked a marine traffic controller whether passengers would be rescued if they abandoned ship off South Korea's southern coast.
Its height from the creek will be 15 metres enabling marine traffic movement non-stop all day.
The government says Kanal ystanbul will lighten the load of the Bosporus Strait, where marine traffic is dangerously intense, and there will be luxury housing along the embankments of the new water canal.
The DMCA move is in line with Dubai's Maritime Sector Strategy (MSS) and the ongoing efforts to regulate marine traffic flow in response to the fast-emerging developments, said a senior official.
With all six safely ashore the Coast Guard and Waterways Ireland issued a warning to other marine traffic about the submerged boat.
With marine traffic into Essar Steel Algoma expected to increase in the coming years, KPMG is recommending that the city get moving on securing government funding to have the project shovel-ready within two to three years.
They will also examine the possibility of facilitating marine traffic between the two countries and cooperation between shipping and marine companies in the Sultanate and Iraq.
Drawing on his extensive experience we are sure he will further enhance the expertise of our marine operations to ensure the safe movement of marine traffic and lead the marine and navigational services teams"

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