marital infidelity

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Alternatively, Fife, Weeks, and Stellberg-Filbert (2013) propose an interpersonal model of forgiveness in the treatment of marital infidelity.
A TV weatherman gets a bad case of the seven-year itch in "Shameless," a smoothly shot and performed marital infidelity comedy from prolific Czech helmer Jan Hrebejk ("Divided We Fall," "Beauty in Trouble").
Both women were accused of marital infidelity and were murdered by their husbands or at their behest, and the author believes that the identities of the subjects of these portraits were forgotten because the disgraced women were subject to "damnatio memoriae.
You and your husband should consult a mental health professional to help resolve issues of marital infidelity.
A Fuller Theological Seminary study found that couples who regularly attend religious services together have lower rates of marital infidelity.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Only about one in three Americans say they would forgive their spouse for marital infidelity, including just 10% who say they would definitely forgive him or her.
It wasn't a turnaround on the scale Clinton's husband Bill enjoyed when he dubbed himself the Comeback Kid after emerging from a marital infidelity scandal to win the White House race in 1993.
To candidates, criticizing an opponent's voting record is properly called comparative advertising, and spotlighting a rival's marital infidelity is merely raising character issues.
Up to now, an acquiescent media had turned a blind eye to marital infidelity among France's political class, but the book Sexus Politicus, by French journalists Dubois and Deloire broke the taboo, with the complicity of the politicians involved.
Mauss also says studies have shown that the divorce rate for Mormons in "sealed" marriages is only a quarter to a third of the national average, and Mormons are more likely to abstain from sex out of wedlock and marital infidelity.
Questing France is one woman's personal testimony about dealing with marital infidelity.