marital infidelity

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A Fuller Theological Seminary study found that couples who regularly attend religious services together have lower rates of marital infidelity.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Only about one in three Americans say they would forgive their spouse for marital infidelity, including just 10% who say they would definitely forgive him or her.
It wasn't a turnaround on the scale Clinton's husband Bill enjoyed when he dubbed himself the Comeback Kid after emerging from a marital infidelity scandal to win the White House race in 1993.
Pope Paul VI predicted these and other effects of the contraceptive mentality--and time has shown him to be right--in 1968 in his Encyclical Humanae vitae (On human life), in which he said that the acceptance of artificial birth control would lead to widespread marital infidelity, general lowering of moral standards (noting especially the effect this would have on young people), the reduction of women to mere instrument[s] for the satisfaction of [men's] own desires, the use of coercive anti-population measures by governments, and the degradation of the human person to the level of a machine.
Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's marital infidelity generated new controversy Wednesday as California Sen.
To candidates, criticizing an opponent's voting record is properly called comparative advertising, and spotlighting a rival's marital infidelity is merely raising character issues.
Mauss also says studies have shown that the divorce rate for Mormons in "sealed" marriages is only a quarter to a third of the national average, and Mormons are more likely to abstain from sex out of wedlock and marital infidelity.
Questing France is one woman's personal testimony about dealing with marital infidelity.
It's hard to quantify, but to an American there's something ineffably French about Collin's matter-of-fact attitude concerning his sexuality, and that goes double for Cote d'Azur, in which marital infidelity, park cruising, and adolescent crushes all lead to an upbeat finale that validates all kinds of coming out.
Beach Town," in which a woman witnesses a marital infidelity and its aftereffects, features a first line so exemplary that, doubtless, MFA candidates will be made to parse its perfection for generations to come: "The house next door was rented for the summer to a couple who swore at missed croquet shots.
But he does believe that understanding how similar behaviors contributed to the reproductive fitness of our human ancestors can clarify not only obvious male-female sex differences such as size and strength but also more subtle differences such as feelings of jealousy over marital infidelity.
The book contains marital infidelity and a minor theme about the importance of religion.