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SHIPWRECK. The loss of a vessel at sea, either. by being swallowed up by the waves, by running against another vessel or thing at sea, or on the coast. Vide Naufrage; Wreck.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But maritime disasters are common during the holidays, with the Doaa Paz-Vector tragedy only the worst.
A DESIGN for a new permanent memorial to Teesside men who died in Wales' worst civilian maritime disaster has been unveiled.
It provides a sweeping saga of the greatest maritime disaster in all of history--an event which has remained largely forgotten compared to the Titanic and other lesser maritime sinkings, and it uses alternate points of view to chronicle the story of different individuals bound on a desperate journey.
In 2012, 39 people were killed in a ferry collision in Hong Kong's worst maritime disaster in decades.
The capsizing of the multi-decked Eastern Star in the Yangtze River in southern China is on track to become the country's deadliest maritime disaster in seven decades.
Hong Kong: A Hong Kong ferry captain was on Saturday found guilty of manslaughter over the deaths of 39 people in a 2012 boat collision, the city's worst maritime disaster in nearly four decades.
The country is mourning the deaths of more than 300 people who drowned when a heavily overloaded ferry capsized and sank on April 16, the country's worst maritime disaster in 20 years.
Schettino is on trial accused of multiple manslaughter, abandoning his ship while passengers and crew were still onboard and causing a maritime disaster.
Tragedy struck after the ship collided with a cargo vessel owned by a company involved in the world's worst peacetime maritime disaster nearly 30 years ago.
Beijing has sent two maritime security experts to take part in a daylong table-top maritime disaster drill aimed at crafting a concerted response in case of high seas disasters in the region, a Philippine military official said Monday.

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