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Write-and-retract detectable marker pens were launched by Detectamet 24 months ago.
Appropriate indelible marker pen was used for 88% (440/500) of cases, ballpoint pen for 2% (10/500) and non permanent marker pen (white board dry marker pens) for 9.
The Magic Marker Pen is as relevant to today's business as Sherbet Dips are to the confectionery trade.
A street sign reading "Scholars Way leading to Pepys Court and Fitzgerald Place" is among those which have been altered in marker pen.
What you need: Coloured lollipop sticks, foam sheets/pre cut shapes, sequins, googly eyes and a marker pen.
Henson set to work with a large pad and a marker pen to draw up a plan of action to dominate the dance floor.
When dry, you could turn the thumb prints into animals or faces by drawing on the details with a fine marker pen.
The plane bound from German city of Stuttgart to Izmir with 62 passengers and 6 crew members on board, made an emergency landing at Thessaloniki after a crew member found a threat written on mirror in toilet with a marker pen reading, "bomb.
Yvonne Froud, 52, marks each wrapper, crisp packet and drinks container with the name of the buyer using a black indelible marker pen.
The 37-year-old said illiterate yobs scrawled the wrongly spelt "Lesbeans" in black marker pen on a fence outside their house.
Alki fans were stunned to see them trot out a few minutes later in an assortment of white shirts and tops with their numbers handwritten in marker pen.
The can is green and has the words CHAD-MHOR written in marker pen across the top.