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This can be done on a plain egg or one that has already been dyed, and a fine marker pen can be used to add detail.
Any details regarding security, personal information relating to another individual, certain medical information and exceptional distressing information will be removed by means of a black marker pen.
James Roach wrote his name in red marker pen on the window, side and floor of a Central Trains carriage, Birmingham Magistrates' Court heard.
Its top drawer holds a pad of paper, and has space for pens, paper clips, tacks, etc, while the bottom drawer is a message board that comes with a marker pen and eraser.
A clean-up was launched last Thursday after vandals used marker pen to daub graffiti on steps leading to the memorial.
Henson set to work with a large pad and a marker pen to draw up a plan of action to dominate the dance floor.
Wahlberg had apparently donated the A3-sized picture to the No Surrender Charitable Trust, which supports young adult cancer patients, along with the marker pen that was used to create the drawing, reports the Daily Express.
Alki fans were stunned to see them trot out a few minutes later in an assortment of white shirts and tops with their numbers handwritten in marker pen.
The can is green and has the words CHAD-MHOR written in marker pen across the top.
In Simon Parish's hand, the humble marker pen is a brilliant artist's tool, as David Whetstone reports.
The figure is just over seven inches tall and may also have A1218 on the base in marker pen.
Kits containing an ultraviolet marker pen and tools to etch your postcode on a valuable item such as a stereo or TV will be available in libraries from this week.