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Marker-assisted introgression, QTL, Flanking markers selection, MBLUP selection
This product should eliminate the need for marker caps and keep markers good for a long time.
The algorithms mentioned above are mainly used for tracking the markers in the camera's field of view.
This work catalogs all of the Official Scenic and Historic Markers found on New MexicoEs highways, which inform travelers about the land, its people, and historical events.
The CyberKnife radiosurgery system is a recent, frameless stereotactic system, which allows real-time tracking of tumors during the entire treatment cycle using bony structures (for the skull and upper cervical spine) or implanted fiducial markers (for extracranial sites) as landmarks.
Although they have demonstrated some promising results on surgical instruments positioning, they still uses conventional stereo reconstruction algorithm and the markers are not sphere whose center will change in perspective.
Clinton and Sterling Police are working to return grave markers, stolen from local cemeteries.
These markers range from simple blood or urine markers to those obtained from, e.
However, most of the studies did not describe how certain markers were placed in the presence of a prosthesis or the absence of the forefoot landmarks typically used to locate some of the markers defining the foot local coordinate system.
3M is expanding its product family of RFID-enabled (radio frequency identification) electronic utility markers by rolling out new markers designed for near-surface and deeply buried applications.
When these locations are excavated for service connection or main line extensions, markers are removed for re-use at other locations, Gruenberg notes.
Objective: Present evidence-based recommendations on the use of biochemical markers of bone turnover in the management of osteoporosis.