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In the context of federal regulation of the purchase and sale of Securities, anyone who has knowledge of facts not available to the general public.

Insider information refers to knowledge about the financial status of a company that is obtained before the public obtains it, and which is usually known only by corporate officials or other insiders. The use of insider information in the purchase and sale of stock violates federal securities law.

Insider trading entails the purchase and sale of corporate shares by officers, directors, and stockholders who own more than 10 percent of the stock of a corporation listed on a national exchange (any association that provides facilities for the purchase and sale of securities, such as the New York Stock Exchange). Insider reports detailing such transactions must be submitted monthly to the Securities and Exchange Commission.


n. someone who has a position in a business or stock brokerage, which allows him/her privy to confidential information (such as future changes in management, upcoming profit and loss reports, secret sales figures, and merger negotiations) which will affect the value of stocks or bonds. While there is nothing wrong with being an insider, use of the confidential information unavailable to the investing public in order to profit through sale or purchase of stocks or bonds is unethical and a crime under the Securities and Exchange Act. (See: insider trading)

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But only when they've got full commitment from the managing agents will they be able to progress with the MAS," said a market insider.
Market insiders estimated that HTC spent less than NT$300 million in purchasing the patent rights from Google, all of which have very high practical value and can be used by HTC, as bargaining chips in its talk with Apple for settlement.
Market insiders estimated that the conversion can help foreign investors save some NT$700 million in capital gains tax and avoid the risk of stock-price decline following ex-dividend or ex-right, at a time when the stock market is entering the season for issuing cash or stock dividends.
5) The TWST confidential Off-The-Record survey of management performance at seventeen sector firms asked market insiders about the ability of management teams to create shareholder value.
21, 2011 (CENS) -- Taiwan's first-tier makers of FPD (flat panel display) have suffered a 10% decline in capacity utilization rate and required their workers to take annual leave, a rare phenomenon in the third quarter, traditionally a busy season, according to the Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN), sister publication of Taiwan Economic News (TEN), citing market insiders.
Speculative trading on the OSE's futures market during the 30-minute period tends to pull down cash stock prices on the TSE in afternoon trading, according to market insiders.
TWST interviews Wall Street professionals and corporate leaders, which help them bring the views of stock market insiders to their readers.
As FCFC can usually meet its sales projection, market insiders are upbeat about Taiwan's outlook on the chemical-fiber sector in 2011.
Many financial market insiders expect that the BOJ will declare an end to the quantitative easing policy when the nationwide consumer price index stabilizes at zero or above and then lower the liquidity target.
He refuted, however, claims from market insiders that healthcare will provide the next major revenue stream.
30, 2010 (CENS) -- To underscore its determination in fighting forex speculators, the Central Bank of China (CBC) has formally asked the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) to uncover the mastermind behind the current wave of forex speculation, allegedly identified by market insiders as George Soros.
The balance therefore may remain below the range for about a week from Wednesday, according to financial market insiders.