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For this first time, the CMI focused on two separate elements of city dynamism namely short-term market momentum and 'future-proofing' for longer-term success.
Potential downward revisions on valuations could negatively affect tech capital expenditures and wage and job growth while also impairing market momentum. Geographic concentration risk and development risk are factors that balance these credit positives.
"With a strong customer base, a thriving partner system and a world-class portfolio, Riverbed is experiencing significant market momentum in today's digital world and I'm looking forward to continuing to build on this success."
"Dealers are coming around to the idea that the positive market momentum is here to stay."
'However, the poor quarterly result announcement by Pakistan Oilfields derailed the market momentum and also triggered a selloff in other peer companies, namely Pakistan Petroleum and Oil and Gas Development Company,' said analysts at Elixir Securities.
Market Momentum survey respondents In which markets do you plan to
According to the company, the main reason for the improved outlook is strong net sales and operational EBIT in the Learning segment in Poland, where the market momentum was exceptionally positive during the seasonally important third quarter.
The company said the expandable cages are gaining market momentum and play a key role in successful fusion procedures.
Netcracker has seen significant business growth and market momentum during the past 18 months due to its involvement in large-scale transformation projects that enable operators around the world to become digital service providers.
Fort Myers panelists include: Hope Daley, Co-founder and Executive Producer of Guerilla Media; Erica "Queenie" Castner, Founder of Queen of Results; Keith Grossman, Grossman Law & Conflict Management; and Barbara Langdon, Market Momentum, LLC.
The healthcare and education industries are among the fastest growing markets within the Middle East region with growth set to continue as these niche sectors gain strong market momentum.
And it lists five reasons that could come together to dictate market momentum.