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The Bank of Russia believes that this document will help professional market participants to improve their good practices and will be used as the basis for further development of the corresponding national standards.
Interaction between the market participants shall be established by means of various links.
In the event of a temporary reduction in clearing bank processing capacity, the following should occur: (1) market participants should explore changes to the settlement cycle for U.
In addition to the rules that frame this game of evolution, market participants must apply, in some form, four key characteristics that successful entities exhibit in ecosystems:
The NYISO initiated discussions with market participants on an automated and integrated credit management system at an October 18, 2007 technical conference.
Green, "The Bond Market Association has worked tirelessly over the years to create and implement a well-functioning foundation which has enormously benefited issuers, investors and all market participants.
It is the obligation of policymakers to cut through this underbrush and ensure that market participants and trading venues compete on as even terms as possible and that property rights of participants be scrupulously enforced.
In this regard, it is important to ensure that financial market participants have the ability to terminate or close out and net financial market contracts and to realize on collateral pledged in connection with these contracts.
Market participants include well-established life science supply companies, medium-sized companies that focus exclusively on market segments, and small, niche companies.
Market participants wanting to participate in government sector projects will need to ensure the suitability of their strategy to this particular industry.