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Chris said the end of trade war would help strengthen the JCI and the result of the general election would push market players to formulate an investment strategy that takes into account the policies of the next government.
Ancoa is a dedicated, "big fast data" technology specifically developed to give financial market regulators and other market players the means to enforce market rules in today's world of high frequency trading.
Daisuke Uno, chief strategist of the Treasury Marketing Department at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., said market players' focus will shift to the Oct.
Market players also have concerns of debt burden affecting the euro zone.
The European Central Bank surprised many market players by broadening its liquidity operations as it revived its bond buying programme in the secondary market by purchasing Portuguese and Irish bonds.
The report also provides a detailed understanding of the key industry trends and developments made by infection prevention devices market players. The MRRSE report is divided into vital sections, which allows readers to gain an individual understanding of the market.
All financial market players will be subject to harmonised supervision rules, fine calculation and imposition system for infringements based on uniform principles.
dollar edged up to the lower 99 yen level Tuesday in Tokyo as Japanese stocks trimmed their losses and drove market players away from the safe-haven yen.
Three new market players (financial and educational institutions) have been admitted as Observer Members.
Saudi Arabian rebar demand is slowing down,but market players report that there is no sign that prices are likely to decline.
Presence of the biometrics middleware market players has been tracked and portrayed via an intensity map.
dollar edged down to the mid-99 yen level Thursday morning in Tokyo, after rising to a seven-week high the previous day, as market players were cautious ahead of the U.S.