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It offers regulators and market players a tool to monitor market abuse, erroneous trades and systemic risk in real-time, no matter the volume of financial messages.
Federal Reserve surprised market players and sent the dollar below 98 yen when it decided last Wednesday not to trim its massive asset-buying, saying it needs to see more progress in labor conditions.
According to the report, pan-Asian MES providers in particular are well-positioned to support both emerging and developed market players in their plans for growth and expansion.
The European Central Bank surprised many market players by broadening its liquidity operations as it revived its bond buying programme in the secondary market by purchasing Portuguese and Irish bonds.
Lebanon is another market that will ontinue importing steel; despite the ow consumption tonnages, they will be a regular buyer, market players say.
Speculation that the peso may fall further caused some panic in the market, prompting market players to buy the dollar, traders said.
Proactive Initiatives Taken by the Leading Market Players to Drive the Dental Implants and Biomaterials Market
In addition to this, the increasing pricing pressure on market players and frequent product recalls are the key challenges faced by market players in the market.
FOMC has become the center of attention for market players with tensions over Syria easing somewhat, with a U.
The 187 members of the IFSB comprise 53 supervisory and regulatory authorities from the banking, capital markets and Islamic insurance (Takyuful) sectors in 43 jurisdictions, as well as eight international inter-governmental organisations, and 126 market players (financial institutions, professional firms and industry associations).
One market player tells SBB: "the prices in the neighboring countries are lower than Saudi domestic prices, and even they are at the same level with the costs of transportation there is not much profit.
This report studies the growth strategies adopted by the major market players between 2010 and 2015.