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New product developments, mergers & acquisitions, and expansions are the key strategies adopted by market players to ensure the growth.
Ancoa is a dedicated, "big fast data" technology specifically developed to give financial market regulators and other market players the means to enforce market rules in today's world of high frequency trading.
The study not only presents robust data on accelerated growth of the MES industry, emerging market players and its positive influence on intra-Asian trade, but also shows that Asia Pacific is overtaking Europe in terms of MES market size.
Market players also have concerns of debt burden affecting the euro zone.
But some market players said those measures, coupled with comments from ECB chief Jean-Claude Trichet that there were high level of uncertainties, only made investors think that economic conditions in Europe may be deteriorating more quickly than they had anticipated.
economy, market players are more prone to be bearish," a senior dealer at a major Japanese bank said.
Saudi Arabian rebar demand is slowing down,but market players report that there is no sign that prices are likely to decline.
dollar edged down to the mid-99 yen level Thursday morning in Tokyo, after rising to a seven-week high the previous day, as market players were cautious ahead of the U.
Steel Business Briefing is informed by market players that, even though local prices have not changed yet, an increase is possible soon because of a shortage of imported coils.
Shinichiro Kadota, a foreign exchange strategist at Barclays Bank, said market players are giving a positive evaluation of the government's outlook.