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In student housing marketing, that has meant switching from a Gen X to Millennial to Generation Z market demographic; switching from flyers, billboards and giveaways to social media influencers, dynamic websites and targeted digital ads.
The ever growing time constraints placed upon today's busy women make the product offering delivered by highly appealing to this market demographic. Our subscribers are Connoisseurs of the Uncommon."
Chapman also believes retailers should explore ways to get more "on-the-ground input" and communication into store-level merchandising decisions as a way of getting better market demographic information.
Across food, beverage and non-food brands, single-member households provide retailers with numerous occasions to meet the evolving needs of the two primary groups within this market demographic: older consumers and millennials.
The WhatsApp bundles include varying plans 30 cents daily, 95 cents per week and $3 a month to offer bite-sized Internet plans priced to meet the needs of the market demographic.