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This listing from Damac Properties as well as recent listings from a variety of economic sectors will further enhance the market depth with investors' accessibility to more diversified opportunities," he said.
Market depth and stability will improve due to the definite increase in volume and turnover but, on the other hand, international investors tend to be the first sellers to leave the market on a negative event day.
He went on to say that the tie-up will form a business with a[euro]oea greater local and regional market depth, expanded physician relations and physician footprint and solid clinical operations infrastructurea[euro].
Since SFC is keen to keep abreast with developments to best serve its clients, the new application features high flexibility and trading proficiency with spot prices from the Saudi Financial Market and ease of executing orders, along with the latest news, charts, market depth, and other distinctive features.
Chinese renminbi also lacks in domestic capital market depth, and combined with financial restrictions, capital controls and limited exchange rate flexibility hamper its use as an international currency, in particular a reserve currency.
This will enhance the available Islamic investment options and market depth.
Because that response depends on the structural characteristics of the economy and the policy framework that is in place, the analysis focuses on the response of economic activity and the real exchange rate to commodity price shocks, notably controlling for the role played by financial market depth and the exchange rate regime.
This step of SBP is likely to promote savings and increase the financial market depth and intermediation," it added.
However, relative to gross income, Colombia still lags behind other countries in the region due to a lack of market depth and penetration to date.
Ace members and clients can now access the Exchange's real time, market data including prices, market depth and other analytics on the MarketView(TM) platform.
The signing of these hotels is in accordance with our strategy to achieve market depth in key cities of our home markets, through multiple properties.
The annual targets for 2011 broadly focus on measures for increasing market depth, liquidity and outreach, development of a vibrant debt and commodities market, promote growth of the insurance and corporate sector and growth of mutual fund industry.