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Market depth really matters for the industry because it is the increased investor scrutiny that is a principal driver of good governance.
Market Depth for NYSE OpenBook is now available in eSignal 7.
Atef El-Sherif, the new chairman of Egypt's Stock Exchange, has identified the revival of liquidity and increased market depth are the stock market's top priorities, in addition to addressing the problems faced by businesses and investors.
This, in turn, will provide more Islamic investment options and enhance the market depth.
The professional account is also going to provide market depth (5 level book) on currency pairs, commodities and indices with commissions of 0.
The new version of the Fast Line Futures' Trade Online Navigator includes advanced trading basket and improved trade order control tools through market depth screen.
It shows a continued and increasing interest among foreigners and an increased market depth, as more diverse buyers come in and participate in the New York market," said Heller of the sale.
Clients are also attracted to the growing market depth on the platform as additional liquidity providers come on-line with two-way actionable markets for the Eris products.
UFP will differentiate itself by delivering competitive options pricing and execution, utilizing its diverse sources of liquidity to maximize market depth and minimize price impact.
The new version of London Gold and Commodities Exchange Trade Online Navigator includes an advanced trading basket and improved trade order control tools through market depth screen.
With large infrastructure and development spending committed, the prospects for increased primary market activity, secondary market depth and liquidity as well as developing local currency bond markets continue to improve, offering investors an attractive investment proposition," concluded Kronfol.
ETF Liquid offers enhanced pricing and greater market depth for Direct Access Partners' institutional client base.