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What needs to be emphasized is that the structure of production gets distorted if the economy is located in the PPF but not at the market equilibrium point.
In addition, the object of Equation (3) is the optimal mean-variance efficient portfolio for n securities rather than the market equilibrium.
Equation (5) represents an inter-temporal condition of the capital market equilibrium, since it is entailed by correct expectations of [?
The market equilibrium price in time t + 1 is the result of movements along and/or shifts in the supply and demand curves.
Furthermore, they gave conditions for the existence of water market equilibrium and assessed the effects of market power on water extraction, delivery, and water prices.
Two additional conditions must be imposed to close the model: labor market equilibrium and housing market equilibrium.
The training course includes a number of important themes that touch on reviewing the basic concepts of economy, such as the demand and supply, market equilibrium and general equilibrium in the economics, as well as the differences between the macroeconomic and microeconomic in the economic analysis.
For social buying and flash sales sites to exist, there must be market equilibrium between the demand (quantity of engaged social buyers) and the supply (quantity of fresh, intriguing deals).
Gary Becker specifies market equilibrium as one of the three foundational assumptions of economic analysis.
Income disparities will not be fundamentally altered until the market equilibrium wage inches upwards sufficiently to create labor demand at decent wage levels.
The decentralized competitive market equilibrium will never lead to a situation where goods produced with the undesirable technology are voluntarily identified.