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Five of the defendants were facing four charges relating to market manipulation in connection with the bank's investments in toxic Greek government bonds.
Out of the hundreds of preliminary investigations opened by his office last year, 51 turned into full investigations over insider trading while six were market manipulation.
The panel also aims to help the audience better understand the importance of due diligence against fraud and market manipulation by bank and other officers and officials.
111) Adopting this inference in the case of the Barclays trades, it is evident that Barclays engaged in intentional market manipulation.
To ensure that these penalties apply EU-wide, all member states would have to require their judges to sentence maximum penalty offenders to no less than four years in jail for the most serious forms of insider dealing or market manipulation and no less than two years for unlawful disclosure of information.
The minister announced plans to make switching simpler and quicker, and a new probe into energy firms' accounts, to make them more transparent on profits and prices, as well as increasing penalties for market manipulation and regularly checking that the market is working.
Eugen Muench, Rhoena[euro](tm)s chairman and founder, filed charges in July against Bernard Broermann, the owner of Asklepios Kliniken GmbH, and other Asklepios executives, claiming market manipulation and attempted coercion to prevent Freseniusa[euro](tm) EUR3.
According to the official, SEBI's recent investigations into market manipulation cases show apps such as BBM and WhatsApp were extensively used.
taxpayers could be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars after a US judge's ruling that found a BC hydro company was involved in a massive market manipulation in the California electricity market in the summer of 2000.
It also notes in connection with the financial aspect that if market abuse were to be demonstrated, it would be penalised by the existing Directive 2003/6 (see box), currently being revised (it will be replaced by a directive that establishes criminal penalties and a regulation on insider trading and market manipulation that widens the definition of market manipulation to include over-the-counter derivatives and commodities as well as emissions allowances).
A report prepared for the Public Utility Commission and released on Wednesday has found no evidence of market manipulation during the Texas rolling blackouts in February.
DE) local brokerage unit for six months for market manipulation, Dow Jones has reported.