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The company said that as the financial industry continues to see changes in market structure, regulatory impact on bank balance sheets, liquidity shifts to the buy-side, and fragmentation of trading venues and protocols, there is an emerging need for secure and reliable connectivity to source liquidity, link market participants and enable all-to-all trading for the fixed income asset class.
Contents of interaction between the market participants, in the essence, represent the system of relations and mechanisms of their regulation.
(120) Although Justice Souter recognized that United Haulers was "not placed under the market participant umbrella," he nonetheless concluded that the case was an example of government acting as a market-participant as well as a market regulator.
In other words, if no market participant other than Retailer X could utilize the store assets, isn't any DCF model that attempts to supplant Retailer X's DCF estimate with a market participant estimate rendered meaningless?
The CFTC has also proposed rules to make the longest, shortest and average latencies for each connectivity option readily available and for third-party providers to guarantee that they can supply exchanges with sufficient information about market participants' systems and transactions to meet self-regulatory obligations.
It may be prohibited from doing so, however, if a hypothetical market participant (for example, the most efficient widget-maker) would be able to operate the plant at a higher capacity and with greater efficiency, resulting in a fair value that is in excess of Company C's carrying amount.
Enactment of these provisions would reduce uncertainty for market participants as to the disposition of their financial market contracts if one of the parties becomes insolvent.
The 3C session will provide full order book transparency and all market participants are able to see in real-time the price and size/quantity for all price levels that is predicted to execute in the cross.
While CDC continues to reduce its tariff since its inception, we are targeting our efforts towards helping reduce the cost of doing business for market participants. This is our ongoing contribution towards the development of Pakistan Capital Market.'
The SECP Chairman said that the regulations are under review in the light of feedback received from market participants and assured that the final regulations would be expeditiously disseminated to the market.