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It also suggested that farmers should have the right to sell at mandis at MSP and if the market price is less than MSP, the gap between MSP and market price should be reimbursed to the farmer.
The results of control variables demonstrated that growth in assets, growth in earnings, growth in sales and size of the firms have a significant positive impact on stock market price while liquidity, leverage, profit after tax have no significant impact on stock market prices.
The New York Stock Exchange (NSE) led the list of the world's largest exchanges with its $19.3 trillion market price, followed by Nasdaq OMX with $6.98 trillion and by the Tokyo Stock Exchange with $4.3 trillion.
It further pointed that the government reached an agreement with LNG to Korea Gas Corporation (Kogas) on modifying LNG prices, giving the French Total company the choice of buying YemenA's LNG according to this agreement or to global market prices.
Exercising the options makes sense only if the market price of the stock is more than the grant price.
"Now, the GDP at market prices is just GDP at factor cost plus taxes minus subsidies.
An official of the Ministry of Interior noted that in many cases, government-assessed current land value plus the markup has approached market price. In Taipei City, with a 20% markup, the sum even exceeds market prices.
Investors and stock holders care about market price per share of companies and the ratios showing it.
Summary: Dubai's residential real estate market prices have fallen to 2006 levels during the third quarter of 2009...
In this paper, we show the global lending environment is a dominant determinant of secondary market prices of LDC debt.
The 4,650,000 shares of our common stock purchased by the underwriters are being offered for resale by the underwriters in an at-the-market offering in negotiated transactions or otherwise, at market prices prevailing on the New York Stock Exchange at the time of sale, at prices related to the prevailing market price or otherwise.