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25, compensation cost is the excess of a stock's market price over its option price on the measurement date--the first date both the number of shares an employee is entitled to receive and the option price are known.
Higher actual market prices would result in lower CTCs, and lower market prices would result in higher CTCs.
I believe that the RTC's experience indicates an absolute lack of market prices and of meaningful methods of estimating market values.
For longer term loans, the estimate should be based on the market prices of similar loans or other financial assets that have similar credit ratings, interest rates and maturity dates.
The third chapter discusses the poultry meat market in 2005/2006 mainly including production import and export consumption of poultry meat products market price and analysis of major enterprises and influences brought by state policies and big events.
Bream Field has produced 88,000,000 barrels of oil or $6,160,000,000 at current market prices of $70.
This approach derives fair market prices by selecting a carefully chosen set of services from Gartner Consulting's benchmark databases that consist of both in-house and outsourced samples.
Fitch believes that this increase is consistent with the magnitude of increase in market prices for coal delivered to Florida.
Accordingly, the company's cheese costs do not mirror the actual block market price for cheese on a short-term basis; however, over time, the company's cheese costs will substantially equal the average block market price.
The Company also announced that its board of directors is considering adopting an odd lot repurchase program in which it would offer to repurchase at market price up to all the shares from holders each holding less than 100 shares of its common stock without a brokerage commission.
When implementing tender offers, MSCI uses the market prices of the relevant securities.
Based on recent market prices for electricity, the company estimates that "take or pay" penalties could amount to as much as $1 million to $2 million per month.