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Such options are less attractive to employers because they are more likely to result in recognition of an employee compensation expense since the option's exercise price may be less than the stock's market price at the measurement date (an in the money option).
As far as I know, there never have been realistic market prices to evaluate deposits and core repurchase agreements of a community bank, either with or without the intangibles normally associated with those deposits and core repurchase agreements.
107 says some financial instruments, such as interest rate swaps and foreign-currency contracts, are "customtailored" and may require a market value estimate based on the quoted market price of a similar financial instrument, adjusted as appropriate for the effects of tailoring.
The fourth chapter examines the poultry egg market in 2005/2006 mainly including production of poultry layers and poultry eggs import and export consumption market price analysis of major enterprises and influences brought by state policies and events.
The price of the items sold is based on established catalog or market price.
Fortesque Field has produced 260,000,000 barrels of oil or $18,200,000,000 at current market prices of $70.
Best will continue to monitor other significant aspects of the transaction that could affect the rating, such as the specific mortality profile and actual market prices of the additional life settlements to be purchased for the transaction and the pace of the collateral manager's acquisition program.
Fitch believes that this increase is consistent with the magnitude of increase in market prices for coal delivered to Florida.
Accordingly, the company's cheese costs do not mirror the actual block market price for cheese on a short-term basis; however, over time, the company's cheese costs will substantially equal the average block market price.
The Company also announced that its board of directors is considering adopting an odd lot repurchase program in which it would offer to repurchase at market price up to all the shares from holders each holding less than 100 shares of its common stock without a brokerage commission.
M&As that encompass a suspension period prior to the listing of the post-acquisition or post-merger entity will also be implemented as of the close of the last trading day, prior to the suspension of the acquired or merging entities, using market prices.
Schroeder, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, said, "Our Company's strong capital position affords us the opportunity to benefit from the repurchase of our own shares at what we believe to be an attractive current market price.