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Market sentiment and broader capital market trends suggest that the recent drop in oil prices will go hand in hand with generally subdued Sukuk issuance from GCC sovereigns.
This valuable real-time intelligence is a break-through for investors, and further positions us as the trusted source of social media financial blogger rankings and reliable, real-time intelligence for stock market sentiment derived from social media conversations.
The natural state of financial markets for at least the past two decades has been for deviation from efficiency/ fair value caused by market sentiment
This positive market sentiment is epitomised by the announcement of the Republic of Turkey's long awaited debut sukuk issuance.
As home buyers choose to sit it out, waiting for prices to drop by 10- 15 per cent, developers, weighed down by the inflation, the unchanging interest rate and rising input costs, are holding on to unsold inventories and prices till the market sentiment improves.
Dr Singh's actions imply that pushing the value of the rupee back up is the top priority, that market sentiment is more important than the overall business confidence and that fixing the external (current account) deficit is more important than the internal (fiscal) deficit.
Today's debt auction was considered an important test of market sentiment.
Summary: BEIRUT: A recent report from the Institute of International Finance (IIF) indicated that the government of Dubai is returning to international capital markets, as it plans to issue, in coming days, $1 billion in bonds with maturity of five to seven years, following Dubai World's (DW) restructuring agreement and the associated improvement in market sentiment.
The extra barrels come at time when market sentiment is strong, though traders cautioned that this would not last.
The housing market needs the federal government to more aggressively encourage banks to help homeowners facing foreclosure, Flint told CBS, otherwise the market sentiment may remain low.
00 Trend: Swing Market sentiment NEAR-TERM: Bearish MEDIUM-TERM: Bearish LONG-TERM: Bullish 2009/01/13
Mr Paulson, having carried out diligent research, came to the conclusion that market sentiment towards subprime financial instruments was vastly overstated and way out of sync with fundamentals.