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He added that overall market sentiment was weaker coming into 2017 compared to the start of 2016, and companies had already been cautious in the previous quarter as they looked to make up budgets through cost savings.
down sharply with some of them have even plunging into losses, have also weakened market sentiments.
Cheaper oil and slower demand for commodities, as well as global market sentiment, slightly affected European stocks markets.
Market sentiment and broader capital market trends suggest that the recent drop in oil prices will go hand in hand with generally subdued Sukuk issuance from GCC sovereigns.
To cushion major foreign exchange outflows in May and July of 2013 would have adversely shaken market sentiment.
Honda's challenge to market leader and former partner Hero is becoming more evident every month as the company defys the overall market sentiment and posts strong growth.
The Nikkei index finished lower for the third straight session Wednesday, with market sentiment soured by caution over the U.
The direction of prices and the value of a security during these deviations are driven by simple majority market sentiment
As a result, we expect a flurry of transactions from the region as issuers look to take advantage of improving market sentiment both regionally, with the Moody's upgrade of DEWA in Dubai, and globally with the announcement of the latest round of Quantitative Easing.
There has been a slew of announcements intended to revive investor sentiment, reassure foreign investors, boost capital flows, bolster market sentiment and stem the rupee's slide.
The OPEC Reference Basket was volatile in September, moving within a wider range of around $102-$112/b as market sentiment was dominated by economic uncertainties around the globe, particularly in Europe, due to Greece's debt problems and the fears of contagion to other countries.
Criticising arguments about market sentiments, Orphanides said that market sentiment was insignificant as long as the Greek government firmly implemented economic reforms.