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27 ( One hundred creative and innovative marketing tips.
In addition to marketing tips, it includes practical information about contract compliance requirements and a tutorial on using GSA Advantage and e-Buy, the online buying systems for schedule contractors.
Her first presentation, "Putting CPNI Into Practice," provided attendees with marketing tips that in corporate the CPNI rules.
the do's and don'ts of dealing with molders and moldmakers, marketing tips and the best advice from some of the best and most successful inventors in the arena of plastics products.
CHRIS Moss, chief executive officer of The Number 118 118 one of the UK's new directory assistance services, offers marketing tips.
Sponsored by The Remsen Group and Westlaw, three CLE seminars are designed to provide pratical and cost-effective marketing tips and strategies:
A free newsletter offers hands-on B2B marketing tips and tricks.
For the annual membership fee of $150, innkeepers are offered cooperative advertising, cooking tips, insight into industry trends, Internet marketing tips, and vendor showcases.
Other features include customised storefronts and logos, secure order management and a merchant resource centre that provides sales and marketing tips and services.
We received a lovely letter thanking us for drawing her attention to the concept and offering us best wishes and marketing tips for the future of our business.
He recently distilled much of his experience into a small book called "99 Software Direct Marketing Tips," which--in addition to a remarkable amount of hands-on advice--contains several key direct mail benchmarks drawn from Mirbach's own campaigns.
To receive your free copy of Datamark's "25 Direct Marketing Tips," please contact scott.

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