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360i provides marketers with the services and technology they need to achieve measurable results from online marketing campaigns.
Done right, this could develop into the most cost effective mobile marketing campaign the company has ever undertaken.
The introduction of KeySearch, combined with the expansion of our Unicast offering, enables us to offer our clients a full complement of multi-channel internet marketing services that combine our core technology with our creative expertise in order to develop measurable internet marketing campaigns," said Patrick Vogt, chief executive officer of Viewpoint.
This helps them focus their marketing campaigns in order to achieve higher quality upsell and new customers, and gives them the information they need to match marketing efforts with available capacity.
We are not only excited that the development of our software is nearing completion, but we are equally enthusiastic that our marketing campaign is about to launch.
Deborah Evans, National Marketing Director of Pet Ecology, in reviewing the marketing campaign of the Company stated, "We designed our marketing campaign in a unique manner to achieve product recognition and market penetration quickly.
Using some creative thought, whether it is to incorporate Lifesavers into a marketing campaign or plastic dollar-store tools into a direct-mail package, is a great way to nab the attention of potential clients, she added.
Together with its advertising firm, Carlton developed a marketing campaign promoting the building's superb location and affordable price.
to create the full spectrum of marketing campaign management tools.
Pivotal MarketFirst Helps Leading Provider of Enterprise Billing and Revenue Management Solutions Increase Marketing Campaign Responses by 4,400 Percent

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