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An example of this was the marketing campaign Idea Factor launched for Castrol's product Super Clean.
The first was to develop an effective marketing campaign which would allow Cross Snow to maximize the value of the vacant apartments, and the second was to develop a plan to sell the rent stabilized occupied apartments for the highest possible price.
The combination of Printable Technologies' powerful data-driven direct mail solution and the sophisticated cross-media tools and workflow from Prospect Smarter goes beyond personalized URLs, beyond microsites, and beyond simple surveys and "thank you" emails to deliver a complete marketing campaign execution solution and the means to track the ROI of marketing campaigns.
In just the first year of using Pivotal MarketFirst, marketing campaign responses increased 1,000 percent with similar high increases in each subsequent year since the implementation.
After electrifying the market and introducing voice over IP with its awareness-building "The Ringing" advertising campaign, Covad has achieved substantial success in reaching out to its target customers, small businesses, with clever and attention-grabbing search engine marketing campaigns.
Attendees will take away practical strategies for developing successful, results-oriented, integrated marketing campaigns.
The Hacker Group confirms that the success of most direct marketing campaigns hinges upon the program being able to break through to C-level, executive decision makers.
But Rack N Road's strategy is different -- the company actually compensates qualified customers to wrap their own cars and drive the company's marketing campaign.
The North American version of this product is now available - it provides a visual, integrated view of operations that supports effective decision making for marketing campaigns, direct sales targeting, customer churn management, and network grooming.

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